Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Rock of Ages: Death From Above 1979 - "Romantic Rights" (2004)

Quite the opposite of the last Rock of Ages, Arcade Fire's "Crown of Love", Death From Above 1979's "Romantic Rights" is the opposite of love lost. This song is of lust found. The lyric "This game will save us if we don't die young/c'mon, c'mon now yeah have some fun" should give you an idea of the polar opposite we are talking about here. Anyway, the contrast is not the reason DFA1979 gets the nod here at Rock of Ages, it's more because it's a fucking blisteringly awesome dance track with only two guys helming the project. Sebastian Grainger as drummer and lead vocals and Jesse Keeler on bass, synths and backing vocals bring their a-game on their only LP You're a Woman, I'm A Machine. And especially on their most well known track "Romantic Rights." The song opens with a crazily distorted bass guitar riff that Adrian Belew would be jealous of before the drums kick in and raise the sound level to extensive heights. The super sexual lyrics are orgasmically crooned and the dance punk fury is amped up heavily.

Sad for us that DFA1979 only released one glorious LP. It's furious rocker that sinks its catchy teeth into you. The breakdown on "Romantic Rights" brings in a funkier tone, but the funk is still at a high octane pace with bone crushing drums still prominent. It's ferocity is matched with it's sexuality. No love here, just lust and looking for fun. He makes claims of "we could do it and start a family" but something about that line is less inclined to the idea of actually starting a family and more of the fun that comes before that. Keeler and Grainger make that ever present with their music. Even the title of the album is pretty obvious that it's less about the identity and more about the acts that move them to do what they do. Their music is mechanical in a way as well and less romantic. Even though "Romantic Rights" sounds like a beautiful love ballad, it is nothing more than a sex infused rocker and it's better for it.

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