Thursday, September 17, 2009

2000 - 2009: A Decade in Movies and Music

The new millennium was originally slated to be a shit show, at least on a cataclysmic scale, thanks to Y2K fear mongering. '99 gave way to '00 with not a glitch except in the package of a new era. 2001 would change everything for the United States. It's been a downward spiral of sorts since then. Terrorism, war, a president that many didn't like, near economic ruin and near the end of it all, a possible ray of hope and a new administration that is stuck with a massive mess and so much more. As art often does, both music and movies reflected the times. Sometimes in a very surreal way, other times mocking it and sometimes just flat out ignoring it to make us happy and give us an escape.

It's hard to describe this era on a personal level. It was a large time for change. I went from a naive high schooler to an anti-ambitious college kid to a young adult jaded about the life that he has created for himself. For only half of this first decade of the new millennium did I have this blog, which changed names many times. I feel that In the Wake of Poseidon is the best fit. I am overwhelmed by the massive amount of change and tidal swelling that has been the past 10 years that all I can do is sit back and look at the aftermath. So that is what I do mostly. I sit back and look at everything that has passed by and try to make sense of it all.

The next few months or so, I will be cataloging the 50 best movies of the new millennium as well as the 100 best albums. I will intersperse these lengthy lists with shorter lists like best acts of the new millennium, best live experiences and much more. It's gonna be a long ride, but here we go. I will start with the best movies of the decade and swiftly move onto the best albums, which is going to take much much longer.

Sit back and look back and enjoy.

{Editor's Note: I realize starting these lists are slighting this last year of 2009. Well, I may add some films that have yet to come out as the end of the movie season is always the best, but alas I need things to do whilst at work and this is just the time waster I need.My apologies to that great movie on the horizon that might get slighted. Your dues will be paid.}

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