Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Some Kinda Fatigue

Man, I am tired.
Barnaby, Hardly Working has posted about having jacked up dreams. I can attest to that. The one dream was about the woman I love and how she found a man better than me. I totally fell apart in the dream. I was walking in the snow looking for my car and I was tortured by the knowledge that this woman was with someone else. I hopped in my car and started driving but the thoughts of her with someone else was sending me into a frenzy. I went into hiding and there was a war going on outside my house. I was in hiding trying to stay away from this crazy militia that was recruiting any person in sight to fight. I was hiding from them and from that woman I loved who wanted to talk to me about her situation. It ended in large explosions off in the distance and me hiding underneath the bed sheets. Jacked up.

Dreams suck. I wake up totally drained.
Anyways, I'm signing the lease on Friday and paying. Moving in the next few weeks too. The realtor said I can move in anytime after the current tenant is gone. Monday I might go over with mi madre and totally clean the place for like 5 hours. It looks a tad nast, but that isn't a problem.

Then any days I have off, I will be recruiting any help. A person with a truck and brawny men/women please apply. No scrawny fools. I am the scrawny fool. Don't need two of me.
Here's the deal. When you help me move, I help you. And here is how.

A case or two of this (to enjoy post work):

And you will also get a home cooked meal from this guy:
(Kevner not included)
Trust me. I can cook you some mean tasty Greek food.
I need a nap.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

86-Second Blowout

Is it me or is this picture really funny?

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Tiny Birds

I realize as I sit here contemplating existence like I often do at 12:29 am. It's as good a time as any to think about life and such. As Tengo plays, I wonder why certain elements of life go the way they do. Is it because of free will? God's plan? Genetics? Blame Jupiter? Who knows. Let's just say that life will find a way. I wonder question what it is I should do with myself. I enjoy my job, but it kind of leaves me empty inside. I haven't written a damn thing worth noting or keeping around since I started this job. But it might not be the jobs fault. It could be that I'm not a writer. That kinda sets me back. But who is anything if they don't get up and do it. I think that I need to get focused. Get to the point is what you are saying. Well, it's time to fucking do something with myself besides sleep, eat, work, and enjoy the fruits of my youth. Now that a year since graduation is almost here, it's time to face that lack of expectation may be true. Maybe nothing is out there specific for me to do.

"Tiny birds sit patiently side by side on a wire."

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Return to Hot Chicken

It's been some time since I've posted. I have some updates to inform the blogosphere, but until I get my life back in gear, there really is no need for me to blog. That should be a few weeks time. Until then: update city.
Yo La Tengo has taken over this blog. Their concert was fantastic a few weeks ago and I give the people I linked proper kudos by picking some of my favorite Tengo songs as their monkiers.
I'm moving out of the house in April (God willing.) I just need to hear back from the people at Urban & Bye and then it's Hello University City!

I'm enjoying my job. Nothing earth shattering, but hell, a year ago this time I was more or less bed-ridden or just getting back into school after Mono. I've come a long way and would never expect to have a decent job.
I'm stealing Pass the Hatchet's idea and that will come back into play in a later post.

Noringo will be playing at Mr. Tough's Last Drink 2007.
This one's for Stev.

That's about it. For now.