Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Some Kinda Fatigue

Man, I am tired.
Barnaby, Hardly Working has posted about having jacked up dreams. I can attest to that. The one dream was about the woman I love and how she found a man better than me. I totally fell apart in the dream. I was walking in the snow looking for my car and I was tortured by the knowledge that this woman was with someone else. I hopped in my car and started driving but the thoughts of her with someone else was sending me into a frenzy. I went into hiding and there was a war going on outside my house. I was in hiding trying to stay away from this crazy militia that was recruiting any person in sight to fight. I was hiding from them and from that woman I loved who wanted to talk to me about her situation. It ended in large explosions off in the distance and me hiding underneath the bed sheets. Jacked up.

Dreams suck. I wake up totally drained.
Anyways, I'm signing the lease on Friday and paying. Moving in the next few weeks too. The realtor said I can move in anytime after the current tenant is gone. Monday I might go over with mi madre and totally clean the place for like 5 hours. It looks a tad nast, but that isn't a problem.

Then any days I have off, I will be recruiting any help. A person with a truck and brawny men/women please apply. No scrawny fools. I am the scrawny fool. Don't need two of me.
Here's the deal. When you help me move, I help you. And here is how.

A case or two of this (to enjoy post work):

And you will also get a home cooked meal from this guy:
(Kevner not included)
Trust me. I can cook you some mean tasty Greek food.
I need a nap.


Werd said...

Now, I don't have a car, but I have Philly Car Share and can do some renting if need be. (Could get a tad pricey if we're going back and forth to Jersey.) We could either split the cost of that or I could just offer the services of my muscles.

::muscles start twitching::

They know we're talking about them!

Paul Tsikitas said...

I bet the response would be better if Kevner was included...


I'm looking at YOU Kevner! Join forces with Jesus!

NICKEL said...

"Kevner not included" made me laugh.