Sunday, March 25, 2007

86-Second Blowout

Is it me or is this picture really funny?


Drew said...

That picture is clearly very funny. He looks like Dr. Spock.

Drew said...

Dude, May 5th. My house, 1830 Catharine. Bring a mustache.

Where are you moving to?

Drew said...

It's true, friend. I'll see you at the good doctor's this weekend...? I have interviews all day but I'll be coming afterwards, I just have to meander my way to Marlton somehow...Maybe someone won't be faced by that point and can pick me up at Patco or something.

Also, I just got some sweet-ass deck furniture and a grill, so some meat eating and burr drinking will be happening on my porch pronto to which you and all other are cordially invited.