Monday, August 20, 2007

2 Weeks to Labor Day?!

Here, again, is the usual post on how I say "Holy Shit, this year is flying by."

Updates on:

Work- Going good, but feeling a bit stale. Not that I'm not leasing a lot this month. I just feel stale about the job in general.

Facebook Mix Exchange- Last week went well. This week I'm hoping more mixes show up in the mail. If you received a mix, let me know how your experience has gone so far. Did you like it? Did you receive one that was effed up? Would you like this to be a continuing thing?

Birthday Events- I can't wait for Wednesday. All the good people of my life seem to be showing up. Danno is coming down, Lazor, Fleck and Deal, Stev, Noringo Boys, Carly, the list is never ending.

Noringo- Stay tuned....

Sexy Results- More awesome beats have been made, but nothing will advance for at least another month.

Love Life- Hung up on a dream. And as Warren Zevon says in "Poor Poor Pitiful Me"... "I don't wanna talk about it."

That is all.

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