Thursday, August 16, 2007

Birthday Wish List

I actually didn't ask for anything for my birthday this year. Maybe it's because 1) I don't have a significant O or 2)Live alone or 3) Don't need any extra crap that I can't buy for myself.
But if I did have a wishlist of stuff... it would probably look like this.
1. Cap'n Danger Stunt Monkey

2. Cat-A-Pult

3. Cold War Unicorns (These hang me up to dry.)

4. Last Supper Long Box

6. What Would Bacon Do? Spin Folder (Clearly the goon owning this folder was too busy playing with it to get any better grades than a D+.)

7. Spanish Conversation Hearts (Corazones Dulces)

1 comment:

j. leo said...

Yo, if you got the elongated Last Supper lunch box to go alongside Ryan's light-up picture, you would raise the level of tacky religious camp up to superhuman levels.

I'd do it.