Saturday, May 26, 2007

Styles of the Times

The year is more than half over right about now. It's a friggin ridiculous thought. Here is my year in review. Everything from events, movies, music and other random stuff.


So far I have been able to do some awesome things, but for the most part it's been work, sleep, eat, drink with friends and repeat. The events that have made this year worthy of it being good so far are the following:

Trip to L.A.- My first solo flight to the Golden State was pretty awesome. I enjoyed the solitude of the plane flight where I caught up on some sleep, watched Mad Max on my iPod and read a lot of The Iron Heel. Hanging with Justin and Doc was much needed. Those two are equally full of life and enjoy chilling out in a way that we at home are feeling a bit stale. We rocked an E6 show, a UCB Improv show, record stores, book stores, karaoke jams, a trip to Santa Monica and an amazing movie theater experience care of Hot Fuzz. I couldn't have asked for a better time.

Cedar Avenue- The new residence is almost turning two months old. I can't say more how much I love living on my own. I do get lonely sometimes, but it was a nice change of pace from the doldrums that was living at home. I need to have more people and events at my place, although more than 4 people is going to be intense. But yeah, open invite for the summer. Call me up and come by or I will plan a dinner for you guys so I can cook for you.


Not that this year has sucked, it has just been a little flat for new music but here is my quicky top 5 new albums.

5. K-OS- Atlantis: Hymns for Disco- Thank Dan Hodges of the Nighthawks for the intro to K-OS but this disc is the kind of no bullshit fun hip-hop that I'm down with. I got some Jurassic 5 action to listen to too, but this one has a diverse mesh of sounds including an Otis Redding style track and an apperance of Sam Roberts on a track.

4. Arcade Fire- Neon Bible- A good follow-up to Funeral. I don't think these guys can go wrong. I love their song structures and the variation in song styles. It's a lot more brooding than Funeral although it still has all the baroque charms that make Arcade Fire who they are.

3. The Shins -Wincing the Night Away- Although it has it's dull moments at times, when the Shins write a damn good pop song, they write a damn good pop song. The songs on this album are pretty catchy, a lot of fun. After repeat listens, it's still enjoyable and it fits in well with the "No Complaints" philosoph of lfie I'm trying to grasp these days. Just pure fun.

2. Wilco- Sky Blue Sky- Is it bad for me to say that I already love this album only after a few listens? No it's not. It's simplistic, no bullshit songwriting. I'm kinda sick of people who are like "It's not Yankee Hotel". When I hear that, it shows how retarded that person is. Not everyone can churn out something like that everytime and bands don't want to do the same thing over and over and over again. This is more like Being There where the songs are honest and direct, avoiding flowery emotional speeches when they break the news.

1. Earl Greyhound- Soft Targets- Speaking of direct, this album is no bones about it awesome rock and roll music. With the infusion of Zeppelin and Television in their stlye, the Greyhound doesn't fuck around. The live show is great, and the disc is a great companion to keep me satisfied until the next time they come around. I want Wilco to friggin tour in Philadelphia and have these guys open. It would be the event of the year.


I hafta say that only a few movies have really been worth seeing this year and they are the following in order of appearence:

Grindhouse- Sucks that this didn't do as well as it should have. But then again. most of America is retarded.

Hot Fuzz- So far the best of the bunch I've seen. Ridiculously hilarious.

Waitress- God rest Adrienne Shelly. It may be a bit cheesey, but ya know what, it feels good to enjoy a nice sentimental movie. It's well done, quirky and definitely worth a view (esp. on a date. The gals will love you for it.)

That's 07 in a nutshell.... so far.


Meg said...

is waitress the one with keri russell where she makes pies? i've wanted to see that...i should get on that. thanks for the reccommendation. also, what's a 21st without dirty clothes? (see comment left on one of the various outlets we use to commune).

j. leo said...

Wait... it's the end of May, the 5th month... so wouldn't the end of June technically be halfway?

Not to be technical... even though I was.

Also, I got that sweet Sheetz t-shirt at a Goodwill during a previous retreakend. We need to bring those back to unearth more gems.

Paul Tsikitas said...

Counting has never been one of my strong suits.

Anonymous said...

To nerd up the joint, July 2 is actually the exact middle of the year.

Nicole said...


Meg said...

also, i saw hot fuzz.

in short, i ran immediately to find a copy of shaun of the dead. my life was changed.