Thursday, May 17, 2007

Paul Is Dead

Or will be. This week has been overbooked with things to do. Not complaining about this, per se, but I do love the idea of having a lot of things to do. Here is the itenerary.

Danno invades the War Room for Wii action, 40's and Pizza (bring your own jitney rag.)

Work till 7pm.
These Arms Are Snakes, Against Me!, Cursive and Mastodon... in ONE night! (Let the scenester fights begin!)

Work till 5pm.
Driving to Wilkes to see the lovely and amazing Ms. Tara Fleck. (God I miss this woman!) Sojourning with Ms. Deal shall be a nice treat as well. I miss our car lemgth talks.

Wake up and get some diner action in Wilkes.
Head back to Wiihawken to abduct Danno again and head to Rob Ealer's final party in Ewwing.

Then I work Monday.


Beyond that, life is good. Earl Greyhound is in my veins, Mother Night was a pretty decent flick, I finally started Player Piano after finishing The Iron Heel and just dropped a lot of money getting my car fixed. That's okay though as a paycheck is coming tomorrow and such.

Beyond those updates, the flux of life has not had much in the way of, well, flux

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