Saturday, May 05, 2007

Speeding Motorcycle

It's May. It's effing May. What the hell is going on with time? I guess this happens when you get older. The sands of time get sucked through the hourglass a bit faster than usual. That's not a bad thing necessarily. It's just flying by.

Regardless, here are some life-updates.

Cedar Ave is awesome. I love my apartment. I need more people to come visit and I need to get out in the 'hood more often. I walked around the other day when it was really nice outside and I pretty much love my 'hood. I need to get new porch furniture however. I think my landlord chucked the old couch and chair that was right in front of my pad. But that has to change. I'm gonna go to the shady furniture store and rawk out some new chairs. I will be getting some new batteries for my camera and the next time I have off of work and a spare moment to wander, I will do a photo opp of my 'hood. Right now it's pretty gorgeous.

Work is work. Not much to report.

Love life is still no existent. Not really worried about that all too much. I would like to meet some people out there, and I have a few in mind I'd like to enjoy the company of, but as usual environment gets in the way of that.

That's just about it. Things are flying by and life is chugging along.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear that you are happy with your place <3