Tuesday, April 10, 2007

What Comes Next

I moved in. It rules. A few people have seen it. They rule. Come visit. You will then officially rule. Just gimme a ring. Only people who rule have my cell phone number and I'm not telling you here what it is if you in fact, do not rule. We can hang, drink a few beers and enjoy the tiny nature of my apartment. If you want to rule, bring some brews or any other welcoming gifts. Consumables if possible. That would rule.

There is one thing, however, that does not rule. I have been having really effed up dreams ever since I moved in to this new place. Ms. Michelle "I wish I was as cool as Mike" Muller reminded me of this when she asked for me to write about her. Well, altho she was in one of these said fucked up dreams of anxiety, heartbreak and denial. Here is the basic structure of every dream, so I would call it a recurring dream.

1. Setting: The setting for each dream is always in some sort of institutionalized (just one Pepsi) type building. A school mostly. Not any particular school, but it's usually a building consisting of narrow hallways, flights of stairs and random rooms.

2. Characters: Usually involves someone of the female species that I have either been infatuated with, in a relationship with or at least found attractive. This female character then gets involved with someone close to me, a friend, family member or a non-existent person that just acts as that sort of close male friendship.

3. The Plot Thickens: Usually when someone you are attracted you rejects you, you get pissed, hurt whatever. This happens in the dream then...

4. Dreamlike Event: Something really out of the blue happens. Now this happens in all dreams, but the setting dramatically changes and something really freaky happens. You can use your imagination here.

5. Finale: I end up trying to avoid both the crazy event and the woman who broke my heart, but this woman won't giv eup in rubbing it in my face that shes happy and moved on or at least just happier with this new person.

Here is your test. What comes next? Whoever can make the best dream to fit in this skeleton of a plot will win a free six-pack of your choice. Of course, I will rate what your interpretations of the dreams AND your own storyline. Remember to keep these details in mind.


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Anonymous said...

I had a dream the other night that my attic was filled with sculptures made out of legos. Here's hoping your dreams change towards that tone.