Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Way Some People Die

So it goes. Sad times for Vonnegut fans. One of the most influential writers in my life. I guess we all know what that means. Time to read some Vonnegut again. Player Piano is still collecting dust form when I bought it so it's time to crack that one open.

In other assorted news, the Film Festival so far has been awesome. Here is a recap of what I have checked out. My official last movie is tonight, so I will write more about that at a later date.

About a Son: Kurt Cobain- One of the most unique and original "non-fiction" films I have ever seen. It's not quite a documentary. It's more of an audio journal with images overlayed. It was a unique experience, but I don't think the style of the film really works in general. It worked for this story, but I don't know if it would work for other stories. The audio was all Cobain interviews as well as a bitchin' soundtrack including Queen, Butthole Surfers, Bowie (hmm... I wonder which song) and Creedence. Not a single Nirvana song which was kind of strange, but it's about Kurt and not Nirvana although its hard to seperate the two. It was definitely well executed and interesting to learn about Cobain as an individual.

Fay Grim- Bias City. I mean, of course I loved it. It's Hal Hartley. Basically, this is a psuedo-sequel to Henry Fool. Only in the fact that the characters are the same and it deals with Herny's "Confessions." But beyond that its a zany spy thriller with Parker Posey stuck in the middle of the whirlwind of international espionage. It's a jab at sequels in how they have to be more violent, more sexual and more ridiculous than it's predocessor and it's a mocking of a directors own characters. Ryan hit the nail on the head when he said this is Hartley's Life Aquatic because its a director making fun of his own style and writing while at the same time writing a great story. Goldblum was in it too, so you can't go wrong. Naysayers of Henry Fool may enjoy this because its not paced like HF, and it has nothing to do with the same themes. It's really goofy yet at somepoints heartwrenching just like any Hal Hartley movie. Plus Parker Posey is at her all time hottest in this movie. Grrrowl.

Away From Her- Sarah Polley of Dawn of the Dead and many many indie films takes a stab and writing and directing. For a first outing, it's definitely a good film. All about Alzheimers and how one man deals with his wife wasting away due to the detrimental disease, it's sad and enlightening. The pacing is a little strange, but the acting effort of Julie Christie (the rumors are true!) and the dead on accurate portrayal of people with Alzheimers makes this a good drama to check out. HOWEVER! When I was in high school I worked at an Alzheimers home and wrote a short story/play script about my experiences. And in this script I used a montage (even Rocky had a montage) scene using a Neil Young song. Well, this movie had the same themes and uses a different Neil Young song! WTF! Sarah Polley is stealing my thunder....

Tonight is Dante's Inferno, a cartoon up-to-date adaptation of the classic story. Dermot Mulroney is going to be there. It has the vocal talents of Master Shake, Buster Bluth and Adair of UCB. Yes.

Music- I've been listening to tons of Yo La Tengo, pretty much only Yo La Tengo since I changed the format of this blog, but I guess that's just where my state of mind is. Mellower stuff to like "Night Falls On Hoboken" and "Today is the Day" style.

My Onion Horoscope for today is true:
Leo July 23 - August 22
If there's a drinkable liquid in the world that doesn't cause loss of motor function, impaired judgment, slurred speech, dehydration, and eventual unconsciousness, you don't want to know about it.

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