Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Detouring America With Horns (A Prelude)

This weekend marks a transcendent momentous event in my life. I am traveling on my own. Everything is booked, scheduled and ready to go. One and a half days left until I visit the West Coast for the first time. I am more than excited. I'm anxious, nervous and chomping at the bit at the thought of flying across this great country solo.

My initial worries are, of course, will the Philadelphia Airport fuck up my luggage? Well, I really shouldn't care about that because I'm not bringing much. It's only 3 days where I am used to packing for at least a whole week if not more. My next concern was, what happens if I get stuck to some creepy Tyler Durden type who ends up annoying me for my flight? Fuel for writing is what I say. I plan on writing, reading and listening to as much Yo La Tengo as possible. In fact, I will be working on a 7 hour playlist of various indie, classic, punk and folk rock jams for this trip. I'm also concerened about navigating the great monster that is teh L.A. Public Transportation System. After a massively long flight PLUS long layover in Texas, I am going to have to travel yet another 2 hours by bus and rail just to get to my destination. I might just spend the extra cash for a taxi/shuttle/limo to get to Sunset and Vine.

Past all the boring travel stuff (which I plan on being plastered for when I arrive in Ontario Airport), here is my itinerary

Arrive at Sunset and Vine approx 6:30 for some amazing Vinyl hunting at Amoeba Records
Electric Six @ The Key Club around 8-9pm
Justin Leo's for a night of slacking and catching up

In-And-Out Burger/Diner Trip
ASSSSCAT! @ 8pm at the UCB Theater
Brass Monkey for Karaoke
Doc's Hard Radio for the night

Hollywood Blvd. (I won't step on Gretta Garbo)
Checking out the Pacific Ocean (?possibly?)
Hot Fuzz Viewing?
Early to bed

Then it's back to Philly. And the dream will be over. Until then, it's just anxiety until I'm actually in the O.C. (don't call it that.)


Nicole said...

Yay, Paul! I'm excited to see you!

Gwen said...

please just don't be flying USAIR