Thursday, April 19, 2007

From Black to Blue

Happy 200, blog! It's nice to see that I still write with you.

Back on the East Coast today. The trip was awesome. Here is the highlight reel in usual top ten form.

10. Chatting with Danno, Muller and the beautiful Tara Fleck whilst taking public transit. I know this sounds retarded, but it was lonely on the transit buses for two hours and they kept me happy.

9. Finding the Henry Fool script for 4 bucks at a random bookstore near the UCB theater.

8. Drinkin' brews at the Dallas Fort Worth Airport.

7. Santa Monica peir and seeing the Pacific Ocean for the first time.

6. Amoeba Records where I horked on the following: VHS copy of Grosse Pointe Blank, DVD of Sonic Youth's early years music videos, LP's of Pete Townshend's Empty Glass, David Bowie's Lodger and King Crimson's Starless and Bible Black

5. Singing Karaoke at the Brass Monkey along side American idol hopeful Jordin Sparks. She was pretty good. But I'm not going to lie when I say my rendition of Weezer's "Say It Ain't So" wasn't amazing. That and this one really hot chick serenaded me with some Lisa Loeb. And there were two seperate whipits references. Amazing.

4. Electric Six on the Sunset Strip @ the Key Club. The first two bands, however, were horrible. One was a fucked up cross between Eve 6, Def Leppard and She Wants Revenge while the other was the Killers. Well they were under a different name, keeping a low profile, but it sounded exactly like the killers. Regardless, their was this random group of dudes who all wore fake mustaches for E6 and basically filled in for the La Sallian goons who usually make E6 shows that much more insane.

3. In-And-Out Burger vs. Tommy Burger

2. Hot Fuzz at the Arclight Theater. I do not look forward to seeing movies on the east coast anymore. And Hot Fuzz was fecking incredible.

1. ASSSCAT! at the UCB theater. If only more of you goons were out there this weekend. The quotes I want to share with you will not ever get the laughs they deserve. (quote tirade.... RAM JAM!, Names aren't supposed to have grammer in them!, You know I'm gonna run on that one, apologize to this bear puppet and bears all around the world... yea and to this puppet of the Sear's Tower...Where's the mouth on that puppet? The 97th floor... You're the reason my daughter was hit in the face with a fist, Fuck You Richard Gere!, You want to bring it up a level from that?!?, You are being served with divorce papers, Broken bottles? Detective Pipes? Molitov Cocktails? Does anyone have any other definitions for Ram Jam?)


Ealer said...
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Ealer said...

I have to ask. Did you also Macarena till the break of dawn?

Paul Tsikitas said...

Pretty much nonstop all my life.

Sassafras H. Wilmington said...

I am very jealous...