Saturday, January 06, 2007

So this is the new year...

...and I don't feel any different.

No shit. Anyways, Happy 2007! Same shit, different day. Working, hanging. Trying to turn a new leaf, but don't we all when the calender changes?

Goals for 2007:
1. Get into shape- Not a diet, but more like get active. I want to be able to run again, especially since Frisbee season will be here before you can say "huck me!" Maybe actually go to a gym *shudders*. Maybe I can ask if I can get a discount here at CHT with the personal trainers that started.

2. SAVE SAVE SAVE!- I don't mean hit the sales at the mall, I mean squirrel away some money so I can..

3. Move Out of the House- This may just happen. All available applicants apply. Let's move into a house or something so we can save moolaa. I'm talkin you, Danno. August. Let's do it.

4. Re-learn some Italian- Since my rents are taking me on a trip and I had three semesters of Italian, it's time to go back to night class!! AHHH! Re-learning the language may help when we actually go on the trip.

5. Get a Date- Sounds lame, but ya know what, I need to mix up my social life. It's been kinda stale the past year. Time to meet some new people and meet some new ladies. No offense everyone I see on a weekly basis, but let's be honest... a shake up is in the works.

6. Begin Planning 2009 Trip to Greece- This is the year of saving and preparing for such an adventure. A whole year in Greece? Don't know. It may just be three months. Regardless, it will be an extended amount of time to myself. All friends are welcome to plan a trip to visit, but no offense, I don't want a roomate for all this time. My plan is to live simply, not to move around all that much and to soak up my heritage that I feel a little less connected to then my Irish side. They are all Philadelphians anyway and I know that city like I know my backyard. Here is the plan:
a) Live on the island of Nisyros where my father was born and raised.
b) Read a ton of books.
c) Take care of a relatives house while they are on another more populated island working their business.
d) Write a lot.
e) Get a monstrous tan.
f) Live as simply as possible.

Thats that for 2007. Saving money, working out and getting out of the house with new people and hopefully a new lady. Ya never know.


Nicole said...

Can I be your roommate in Greece... just for a little while?

j. leo said...

Oooh! Yes, Nicole and I might stop by....

Or even better....

You're going to Italy and you're not even Italian?

Let one of your many partially Italian friends go...