Friday, December 29, 2006

Coming Back

So my films of 2006 list probably won't be published until I see more films from 2006. It has been a pretty week year. However, I did just see one of the best films I have seen in a long time (probably since Brick.) This film will also give Brick a run for its money as best film of 2006. From Pedro Almodovar comes Volver, his new comedy about life, death, ghosts and women. With an amazing cast of women and a quirky story, the idea of small town life, death, insanity and family is studied with a really funny and dark eye.

The thing about Almodovar that makes his work so good is the flow of his stories. They are quirky just like Jean Pierre Juenet, but obviously with a Spanish flair. The opening scene where all these women are cleaning the grave stones of their dead husbands and relatives is flat out hilarious. The whole movie, every character is another version of that character. Most of the women are, or become, widows, were abused by their fathers or by other men, have many questions about their own identity but all are powerful role models who are close to each other and their families. The cast spans three generations of one family and they have a beautiful relationship.
This film also proves that Penelope Cruz can actually act. She is astonishing in this. She may be a gorgeous face, but thanks to this movie, I now know she is more than just that. She isn't very good in English speaking roles, so Penelope, stick to Spanish roles. This one should land her an Oscar nod at the very least if not an actual award (unless Helen Mirren takes it for The Queen), but at least Penelope is playing a unique and original character. I'm still half and half on actors playing other people and winning the awards for it. Some original characters need to get noticed!
This film will probably be up for screenplay and foriegn film as well. Should win both as Almodovar one for Talk to Her a few years back. This movie might be better than that one.
So as of now, before I see anymore films, these are the hopefuls for my top films of the year in no order:
Neil Young: Heart of Gold
Thank You For Smoking
Inside Man
The Departed
Movies I still need to see that I bet will make the cut:
Pan's Labrinth
Children of Men
Letters From Iwa Jima
The Prestige
The Good Shephard
Any other suggestions of movies I should see before I do this? It's gonna be a while till I see all of these esp. since The Prestige is probably gone from all theaters.

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Sara said...

The Prestige was frigging amazing. DVD on Feb 2.