Friday, January 26, 2007

Reelin' in the Years

January is almost over. Yuck. I'm losing ground on 2007 already! Regardless, some updates.

1) No one has died in the Dethpul yet. I know it's early yet, but come on! I'm itching for one of these bastards to go down! If you don't know about the celebrity Dethpul yet, check it out. Here are my selections in picture format.
1. Eli Wallach

2. Peter O'Toole

3. Stan Lee

4. Jack Klugman

5. Dick Cheney (wishful thinking)

6. Muqtada al-Sadr (Under 60)

Not gonna lie, my list is pretty sweet. I don't count on any, but if they do... sweet cash.

Also, updates on other things, good chance Noringo will be getting back for a rawkus show on the day of March 31st. It's for Ryan Carey's big party with Black Market Dynamite. So far, three of us say hell yes, but others are still incognito on whether or not they can join for the show. Let's hope they can cuz that would make my year fantastic.

Hanging out with a great variety of people this weekend. Tonight should be good to see some younger La Sallians. Tomorrow is Sarah Deal and Co, Sunday is Ms. Lavender. Oh yeah!

Check out Mr. Dogg for a review of The Good, the Bad & The Queen. It's a pretty acurate description of the album. I was kinda let down, but I still enjoy it at times for what it is. It reminds me of the moodiness of The Eraser (shut up, Hymen) where it really depends on what kind of mood I'm in. It was a let down overall.

As far as Oscar nods go, duh. The Academy sucks and the technical and writing awards are always where the money is. I'm just happy that Penelope Cruz is up for an Oscar. She needs to win although when Dench and Mirren are there, it's tough times. She's got it though in that movie, I'm telling ya.

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