Thursday, January 25, 2007

I need something to do this weekend

CHICAGO—As Brian Urlacher triumphantly hoisted the George Halas Trophy Sunday, it was a symbol of more than just the Bears' 39-14 victory over New Orleans—it was a symbol of hope to the thousands of Chicagoans who are still struggling to resume normal lives after the fire that swept through a 2,000-acre swath of downtown, killed over 300 people, injured hundreds more, destroyed a third of Chicago's buildings, and left 100,000 residents homeless this past Oct. 8 through Oct. 10, 1871.
~The Onion

So yea. I can't wait for this super bowl game only because 1) the Gaytriots aren't in it and 2) the Eagles fans don't need to worry about losing the game and 3) these two teams are probably going to make it exciting. I'm not roting for the Colts. Peyton may be a way better QB than Grossman, but something about Da Bears that makes me want them to win. Even though it's not Ditka coaching and such. It's just something I want to happen. So for my prediction, it's Bears 31- Colts 28.

As for this weekend, nothing really happening. Two things need to happen however.
1) I need to see Pan's Labryinth. WTF! This happens to me way too often. This time I act ually treid to see it but it was sold out. If anyone wants to see it sunday night or Saturday-day, lemme know.
2) Go out somewhere Saturday night. I work Sunday, but I want to hit the Philly bars. Anyone interested?

That's that.

Addendum to my last post:

Red Octane, you guys should include a new feature where the songs you play randomly shuffle. So say the shuffle starts with The Doobie Brothers, then it goes to Slayer, then it goes to Steely Dan, then it goes to some Freezepop bonus trakk entitled Rokk Out With Your Cokk Out. I think it would be a fun feature. Maybe carry over the meter to see how you are doing. And then when you get hit like 10 songs, the encore kicks in. Just a thought.


j. leo said...

If you come out to Califronia, you can have weekends like this:

1. Santa Barbara film festival - against the backdrop of the surf, we get to attend a meeting with most of the Oscar nominated screeenwriters this year. This is where I got to shake hands with Philip Seymour Hoffman last year.

2. Of Montreal, some San Diego bar - yes!!!!!

(And when you coem out, we can go see the guys from UCB on Saturday night. Those Dolphisn can suck it.)

j. leo said...
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j. leo said...

Well, I was gonna say that i had a hard tiem finding it, but I just noticed that it is coming to the local theater this weekend. So that's nice, because going to teh fancy theaters in downtown LA is a bit of a hassle.

I do enjoy Almovodar. that's been on my to-see list with many others.