Monday, March 09, 2009

Rock of Ages: The Zombies - "Hung Up on a Dream" (1968)

As someone who as strange dreams, The Zombies track "Hung Up on a Dream" comes as a beautiful ode to those dreams that don't freak you out, but bring you some sort of solace. Rod Argent's dream in question is of a better place. His dream took him to a nameless place with sweet vibrations and men with flowers in there hair. He awakes soothed by the image of peace but is decidedly confounded that the images and the feelings were only a dream. I have had dreams where waking and realizing life is still going on and not the way the dream world has realistically showed you that I have indeed been hung up on a dream.

Luckily, The Zombies not only craft a great emotional image through the lyrics, but the music is equally dreamy and spacey. When the instrumental break comes before the bridge, you get the turmoil of tossing and turning and waking up via musical expression. It's a sumptuous treat musically. The Zombies as well as rock visionary Al Kooper helmed the production. With beautiful mellotron waves, jangly guitars and echoey vocals and amazing harmonies, "Hung Up on a Dream" is an overlooked classic in The Zombies all too short career. The band would break up before their masterpeice Odessey and Oracle would be released and before the song "Time of the Season" would become a huge hit.

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Race Baker said...

Haunting song.