Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Rock of Ages: Led Zeppelin - "Since I've Been Loving You" (1970)

Every teenager that doesn't go through a heavy punk rock phase goes through a phase where they discover Led Zeppelin. They see the electric blues band as a God. And rightfully so as they are easily one of the greatest hard rock bands to walk this great planet. Everything about them is rock and roll. This is another band where one song won't do any justice, but alas the format of this list only allows it. Led Zep's third LP is by far my favorite. They are at their bluesy best with a range of songs and on the epic classic blues track "Since I've Been Loving You" they pour every ounce of their angst, their raw power and their ability into a 7 minute blues anthem. It takes every convention of classic blues songs and bends and expands them into bombastic proportions. This is the song where Jimmy Page stands atop the mountian of rock gods and says "I am the man." It's the track where I find Robert Plant at his most primordial dripping every ounce of his being into this song. JPJ and Bohnahm are the skeleton of this song laying a heavy foundation for Jimmy Page to play his leads on.

Led Zeppelin is the band every rocker kid wants to aspire to be. Four guys creating this kind of muscular blues is about as manly as it gets, but a song like this shows that even with this uch testosterone flowing through the riffs, the pounding drums and the angry wails of a banshee, that every man can get his heart torn to shreds. "Since I've Been Loving You" is probably the greatest electric blues song written. Keeping as true to the blues whilst amplifying it to bone crushing size is a feat that only a few bands of this era were ever capable of acheiving and none other ever to this height of mastery. The Zep went on to write some more of these amazing anthems, although the straight blues would morph into the standard of Classic Rock with the forthcoming records. As far as blues rock giants go, this is the biggest and the best and it's an unforgettable track, even when your Led Zeppelin phase fades into your high school yearbook.

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