Monday, March 30, 2009

Rock of Ages: T.Rex - "Jeepster" (1971)

Marc Bolan is the high priest of glam rock. Taking the garage rockers out of the garage and sparkling them up was his game and with T.Rex, he created some of the greatest glam tunes of all time. This was before Ziggy Stardust, Roxy Music and the renaissance of Mott the Hoople. It's gritty and raw glitter music. 1971's Electric Warrior is an unsung hero in the rock and roll lexicon. With T.Rex's biggest hit "Bang a Gong (Get It On)" not much else is heard off of this amazing album. Where Marc Bolan shines is in his spastic and intriguing lyrics. The sexy, glam rock anthem "Jeepster" is where we find the best foray into the garage sound mixed with the wacky and sensual lyrics of Bolan and some of his best guitar work. The groove is otherworldly yet based in a basic blues structure. Even the lyrical structure is classicaly blues, but Bolan's penchant for glam and his lyrical craziness brings a fresh element to the table. Take this verse for example:

Just like a car
You're pleasing to behold
I'll call you Jag
If I may be so bold"

Bolan was a space aged, garage rocker. His songwriting ability and his sty
le would go on to influence an era, short lived, of great glam rockers. From Bowie to Roxy Music to Mott the Hoople, would come along and expound upon his druggy, gritty guitar stylings and zany and sexual lyrics. Bolan had a short lived career. He died in a car accident at a young age. T. Rex only ever received moderate world fame which is a shame as the band is easily one of the best of the classic rock eras and is sadly forgotten sometimes. "Jeepster" recently was used in Quentin Tarantino's Death Proof. His style is still emulated and I swear to Jesus that Alison Goldfrapp is Marc Bolan's soul reincarnated (well at least on the Supernatural album.) Her song "Satin Chic" is so T.Rex it hurts. It's good to see the glam rock style still holds up as it's definitely one of the most fun rock styles around.

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Marilyn Roxie said...

I am a huge fan of T. Rex- "Jeepster" is such a tuuuune! :D