Monday, February 02, 2009

Music is my Saviour: Five Rotating Tracks

In another attempt to up the ante of how often I post here, which again has slowed, I will start this weekly ten constantly playing tracks in the house of Poseidon. New and Old together. This will be the precursor to the highly anticipated In the Wake of Poseidon Podcast.

1. Andrew Bird - "Oh No" - Noble Beast - In this stunningly simple yet beautiful ditty, Andrew Bird weaves a perfect pop song. This is the kind of song I love to listen to on a sunny day with the windows down just contemplating the simple nature of life and the goodness of the simpler things. The whistling in the track is what brings this to mind especially. Lyrically the track reminds me of a Brian Eno track with intense wordplay that seems meaningless at first but probably has more going on underneath the interesting rhyme scheme and word choice. Regardless it's folk indie rock that is simple and intricate all at once.

2. Antony & The Johnson - "Her Eyes Are Underneath the Ground" - The Crying Light - Not in a very long time has a song been all at once haunting and sumptuous as the lead off track to Antony & the Johnsons newest record, The Crying Light. Something about Antony Hegarty's voice, which eerily floats above a quiet arrangement like a feather. It's a tear jearking performance unlike any other.

3. The Knife - "Silent Shout" Silent Shout - A pulsating, throbbing jam that is half Kraftwerk, half New Order is a refreshing electronic soundscape. It's not quite a dance floor anthem like the works of Justice or Daft Punk. It's more of a mood piece that climbs up and down the listeners sound pallette and delivers an interesting enviroment. It's a visual song of sorts. I could see watching a meteor shower in the middle of nowhere with this song blasting as the sky lights up with shooting stars. Sadly, I would have to move to a remote location in order to see if this would work, but witnessing the August meteor shower in Greece was breathtaking and this song gives me that feeling in a way.

4. Franz Ferdinand - "Ulysses" - Tonight: Franz Ferdinand - No matter how much their last album couldn't live up the the greatness of the first, I knew one thing that Franz Ferdinand could do--and that is write a kick ass single. Many moons ago, artists were single writers only. Franz embraces that and the new track "Ulysses" is a fantastic record. I finally agree with Pitchfork for once in saying that at first it seems kinda bland with all the "la la la's", but it becomes infectiously addictive and fun by the third listen. The way Franz Ferdinand structures their songs is completely fantastic. I love the chord change during what would be the last chorus making it sound different and dynamic. Oh, and the video looks like Martin Scorsese directed it in 1972.

5. M83 - "Skin of the Night" - Saturdays = Youth - I've had this album for a few months now and I can safely say it deserves the reviews and credits its given (including that of my own in the year end albums and songs.) The more I listen to it, the more this track stands out to me. The vocals of Morgan Kibby soar to new heights the way that Elizabeth Fraser of the Cocetau Twins would be proud of. The dreamy pop anthem is a wave of sound that flickers with life.

Enjoy! This might just become a podcast in the near future!

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