Saturday, February 17, 2007

Did that guy just steal his wallet?

Not exactly about stealing wallets, but Breaking and Entering, the new film from director Anthony Minghella (English Patient and Talented Mr. Ripley) is definitely centered around theft, loss and emptiness. It's a damn good film. I'm talking intense drama.

Will Francis (Jude Law), an architect reshaping the King's Cross section of jolly-old London town. King's Cross is a crummy neighbor hood, but Will's project is hoping to change that. Will's life is in a strange place. He is overwhelmed with work and his live in s.o., Liv (Robin Wright Penn) is in a fit of depression due to her daughters erratic behaviour due to autism. Will is not the father of her daughter and she has a hard time accepting him as a father figure to her daughter. This makes their relationship distant and estranged.

A series of robberies at his firm leads Will into strange encounters with prostitutes as he plays watchdog to his place (amazinly played by Vera Farmiga... *swoon*) and he eventually follows the young boy who is responsible for the crimes. He then gets entangled into a torrid affair with the boys mother, Amira (Juliette Binoche) who in turn finds out Will's motives to get his shit back and blackmail's him. It's a crazy story of overlapping relationships, lack of relationships, the search for love, acceptance and a place in the world.

See this movie. There are not enough good dramas out anymore. The last drama this good that I can remember seeing was In The Bedroom. Definitely see it and check out the apperance of such actors as the afformentioned people and others like Martin Freeman and Ray Winstone.

That's about it for now. I have Babel and The Presitge to watch this weekend. I am going online and re-applying for Netflix as we speak to see when Science of Sleep comes out. I need it and I don't think Wow has it! WTF!


mcewen said...

I'll keep my eye out for that one - box office?
Best wishes

Anonymous said...

It's only in limited release in North America. I only managed to see it because I happened to be in a large city. Anyway, B&E is a rare drama definitely worth watching.

j. leo said...

Bill Wine didn't like this, but he's praising the Astronaut Farmer. This perplexes me. If I can't rely on him for reviews, what professional source do I have?