Sunday, October 08, 2006

Welcome Back to the Nuclear Age

Only a few years ago was it that the dreaded Cold War ended . The Berlin Wall fell. The Iron Curtain was opened to let sunlight in and Nuclear Arms were slowly being dismantled. Not all of these things were true. Now, in our new age of Nuclear Arms, we have a new threat to worry about. North Korea and their Communist leader Kim Jong Il have finally gone and joined the now Elite 8 in the Nuclear Community. Now, many political and world affair skeptics reading this will say, so what? Look at Pakistan in 1998. They got nukes and what happened? Nothing.

Not true in this case. When you have a power hungry leader in power, like Kim Jong Il or George W., you have problems when they decide to go against the international community and test nuclear weapons with success. Why should we be concerned? It may throw the area into an arms race. It may open up availability for terrorist orginizations to get their hands on Nukes (Yes, N. Korea supplies Al Qaeda) and the Cold War is ready to begin again. Luckily and surprisingly, China, N. Korea's biggest financer and friend in Asia, is condeming these nuclear tests. This is a good sign for the worlds stage as if anyone knows anything, China will someday be the next biggest super power as they are slowly heading in that diretion.

It's a scary thought to know that nuclear weapons are still a life-ending threat. I mean, it's too soon to tell what the North Korean's have in store. It's just scary to think that the world of the 50's adn 60's nuclear hysteria can easily be jump started again. Especially amidst our turbulent post 9/11 era. Scary times are awakening.


Face of Spades said...

The interesting thing is that China and North Korea have steadily drifted apart ever since the Chinese decided that a command economy was a terrible idea. Chinese businesses are growing and the country is becoming wealthier, and as happens with any country in that situation, war and revolution becomes an increasingly unattractive proposition. North Korea is run by a psychopath and they have to ration dirt. Kim's constant blustering is really starting to piss off the Chinese. Possibly to the point where it is THEY who use or threaten to use force on North Korea, not us.

Paul Tsikitas said...

Let's hope none of that happens. N. Korea is dangerous to S. Korea, Japan and to most other coutnries since they do trade with terrorist orignizations. Hopefully things can be stabilized by diplomacy, but as you said, Kim is a nut. It's very scary to know that nuclear weapons are still there and still very much a threat to the balance of power and the balance of world peace.