Thursday, October 05, 2006

Feel Like a Piece of Shit (Cheetos Time)

So I have off from work today and I feel terrible. My chest was hurting the past two days and last night the pain moved from my chest to my stomach. And it felt like something was living inside of my body last night. Kind of like this.

Anyway, today I have short reviews of some new stuff that I am now in love with.

The Proposition
This was one of those movies I wanted to see at the Film Festival, but thanks to sickness much like now, I was unable to see it. Then it got a wide release and I never got to see it. All of those were terrible moves since The Proposition is the only other movie from this year so far to give Brick a run for its money. It may be because I love Australia, I love westerns and I love desolate quiet films, but it isn't. This movie is flat out amazing. Brilliant direction, amazing acting, gorgeous cinematography, haunting music and a story that will blow your mind. I can't really explain the story here. Just see it.

The Who's new Singles

So iTunes was nice to me today and I was able to download two new Who singles from the forthcoming album Endless Wire. The first song I got, "It's Not Enough" is a pretty unique Who track. Many layers of guitars as usual, but the feel and pace shows that The Who has a new feel. It doesn't feel like a Pete Townshend song, but somehow keeps the same vibe as many of the other latter year Who songs. The second single "Tea and Theater" is an amazing song. This was the song that they closed the concert with that made me want to cry. It's a beautiful song about Roger and Pete reflecting on their long lives together. I can't wait for October 30th.


George said...

yeah, so im not so crazy over the who song "not enough" or whatever... it's a radio single and it's not flying my kite, if you know what im saying... im leaving it open to grow on me, however... im sure ill be hearing it now that i have computer speakers and will listen to mmr everyday, all day!

Paul Tsikitas said...

It sounds a lot like Another Tricky Day from Face Dances, which I personally like, but yeah. It is your standard First Radio Single song that isn't spectacular, but I feel like the new Who has a different vibe to some extent on the song. It's nothing grand, but I enjoy a new Who song more than most would.

However, "Tea and Theater" is amazing and shooting up the ranks of my Fav Who songs since its such a bittersweet tune.