Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Sunrise (Part 1)

I promised a story by monday. I lied. It's not done, but its in the works. So here is part one.


There was about an hour left before the sun would pierce back into the sky above the city of Philadelphia. Peter’s attempt at love would once again be squashed by the reddish-orange rays that were soon to come showering from on high. This, however, never stopped him from giving that last hour a chance at making things work. It wasn’t the first time and it wouldn’t be the last.

His love for Anna was not to be surpassed by any of your old average Casanovas out there. He swooned at her very appearance every morning at the Grind Wheel coffee shop. She knew him well, but didn’t know what was going on in the inner workings of his cardio-vascular system when she entered the room. The poundings of an incessant drummer was pushing a violet fluid through the ducts of his body and making his skin warm. He only knew her from this one place, but their relationship was the most understanding and beautiful bond that he never could share with another woman. He had his attempts at finding love, but none would ever compare to that of his love for Anna.

It wasn’t just an attraction. He didn’t only know her by working there. She sometimes would come in on her lunch breaks from working at the First Mutual Bank across the street and ask him to sit with her and try a new Chai Tea. She often would come ten minutes before closing to just see him as he mopped the floors and she sipped something cold to refresh her before her long walk uptown. It didn’t matter that he only ever saw her under these circumstances. It was love as far as he could tell.

He always attempted at seeing her out beyond the times at the shop. He playfully would ask her to the movies, but her days, nights and weekends almost always seemed jam packed with a busy adult schedule. He never minded. He knew he’d see her soon enough and possibly later in the same day.

This day, however, Peter gave himself an ultimatum. It was time to be ready to move on from his dream woman and see someone who wasn’t too busy to give him time and just sit back and enjoy the company. His plan was simple. When he gave Anna her receipt for a large coffee and bagel order for the office, he slipped a note inside of her jacket pocket that she laid on the counter whilst waiting for her order to be finished. It was a simple note that stated: “The Grind Wheel. Sunrise.”

This note was possibly a little too subtle. Maybe she would just throw it out. The scrawled handwriting of a heart-sick coffee boy might not even get to see the light of day. His love for her was percolating inside of him and bubbling to an all time high in anticipation for what he had set up for her. It was what most women would say was a miracle: a man going out of his way to say what he felt. This wouldn’t be easy.

The stage was set. He had a table laid out and ready with some fresh food and her favorite coffee. If she got the note, she should be there by sunrise. And if sunrise passes, he would move on and willingly give up his dreams.


j. leo said...

suspense built!

a very eloquent way of describing love for someone unattainable.

by the way, the tag for nicole on here should be one of the Bronte sisters. I'm not sure which, though. She likes Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre. I read both but I forgot which one did which. Oh well, just pick one.

NICKEL said...
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NICKEL said...

Excellent choice, Paul, with Emily Bronte. Although, I won't be offended if you picked her because you thought of me as chick lit. Wuthering Heights is an emotionally charged novel with the most heartbreaking conclusion. See? I didn't use the word "romance" in there at all.