Tuesday, June 06, 2006

#19- The Usual Suspects- Brian Singer- 1995

"A rumor's not a rumor that doesn't die... "

Do not read if you haven't seen the movie! Skip down to where you see bold next in this post!!

Here is another movie that pisses me off based on someone's criticism of it. In Seminoir, a student who will remain nameless (Graham Rowe) stated his hatred for The Usual Suspects which seemed like a surprise. His complaint was that most of the film is a lie. Well, as most of you know, most movies are in fact, fiction. And in that, they are not true. Also, saying "I don't like this film because its a lie" is pretty much the most retarded statement I've ever heard against a film. Now, if he said the acting sucked, the story was boring or it was unintriguing, then I'd see where he was coming from. But, oh yeah, that's right, The Usual Suspects has an underdog cast of actors who put on one of the best shows you'll ever see, a twisting turning script and one of the most amazing performances of any actor (Kevin Spacey as Verbal.) So get over yourself.

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The Usual Suspects is your perfect crime film. The one thing that makes this stand above most crime drama films is that its 90% flashback as Verbal Kint tells Agent Kuyan (Chazz Palminteri) all the sordid details of the large job that he and 4 other thugs pulled the night before. That's all I'm going to tell you plot wise. I didn't really spoil anything above, but its best that you don't read it if you haven't watched.

A script as twisty and turny as this one that gets better as you watch calls for recognition alone. Christopher McQuarrie who hasn't done much else (besides Way of the Gun which he also directed and another movie with Singer before US) won the Oscar for this flick. Spacey also won for best supporting actor. The thing that makes this amazing is the fact that in 1995, the movie didn't get the critical acclaim that it should have. In fact, Ebert (fat douche) gave it thumbs down and said it was unconvincing. Go hang with Graham, ya idiot.

As I'm writing this, I realize how little I can talk about it because of the fact it has a twist to it. Most people know this already, but I don't feel the need to review it as much as I have the other movies. The thing that I love about this movie is the story, and the fact it has so much surprise to it limits my ability to divulge things in it that blow me away everytime. So go and watch it if you haven't seen it and leave me some sweet comments. Maybe we can chat about it sometime.

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j. leo said...

Those are indeed dumb arguments, because there are a lot of great films (Brazil, Abre Los Ojos, Science of Sleep) where a lot of it is fake or dream stuff. As for it being misleading? That's how mysteries go. I bet Ebert loved Mystic River, which handled a murder mystery TERRIBLY!!!! and that ending....

y' know, when I was sitting in an auditorium next to him at Sundance, and all the people were chatting with him, I had to restrain myself from saying "how can you think Fight Club takes itself too seriously???" and stabbing him with my pen because of shit liek this....

oh, and that was a stand-up thing you did for my girl, tsikitas, though i don't knwo if other people get the harmless connotation we have with stalk, but seriosuly, you're a good man. this is why i nabbed an awesome gift for you at work. you were so great in mimai vice... you should have acted more.