Friday, June 09, 2006

#16- La Dolce Vita- Federico Fellini- 1960

"A man who agrees to live like this is a finished man, he's nothing but a worm! I don't believe in your aggressive, sticky, maternal love! I don't want it, I have no use for it! This isn't love, it's brutalization!"

So I already posted a blog about this great film. La Dolce Vita shows that the sweet life isn't exactly so sweet at all. The thing that makes this three hour drama so amazing is it's skewering of the rich socialites of Rome, it's lush cinematography and its superb performances by all the actors. Here is the link to my post about the movie if you need more clarification. This one is my freebee post so I can take a break and prepare for my looong write up of #15. It's funny how from 17-15, you will get three 3 hour films.

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Thank you for your comment, Paul. Those were very nice things for you to say. I feel honored to be linked on your blog. See you next month!