Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Sexional

So you may have noticed that the last list contained not a single event from the sexional. Well, I decided that when I was posting that to omit all the sexional moments because, well, they weren't strictly La Salle, which is what the last post was more or less centered around. So here is my reflection on the sexional.

The Sexional was pretty much the best year of my life. Starting at the tale end of the summer of '04 (for me because I had to go on a little trip to Greece, so I moved in right after my birthday) I moved in with two of the greatest gents I have ever known. The Szczepanski Bros. These two champions of life really were the perfect roomates. PERFECT! Over that whole year, we didn't get into a single arguement, tiff or fisticuffs with each other! It was insane. I had my reservations when the idea was put forth and after signing a lease. I was scared that moving in with friends could be disaster. I knew George and I could do it maybe easily, but I had no idea what it would be like living with Jack. I mean, I knew him and all, but living with someone and being friends is a different thing altogether. Needless to say it was destiny. Greatness abounding. And everyone who has been to a Sexional party knows that (more to come later on that note.)

Most people are probably thinking that I love the Sexional because of the events we had (more to come I said!) and they would be semi-right. But I really loved it because it was my first time moving out and with great roomates to boot. The place wasn't the most glorious, but we made it glorious. It had lots of mice (the year I lived there we caught over 50[50!] mice) and had some roach issues. But Lord knows we made that place our home too! We had lizards for God's sake! And a tarantula! JEEZ! That plus the best media collection one could offer. Between the three of us, we had 4 copies of Detroit Rock City, 3 Donnie Darko's, tons of my pretentious art films, Jack's ridiculously insanely campy action flicks, vinyl up the wazoo including the likes of Lionel Richie, Toto, Pink Floyd and Interpol plus countless VHS tapes we inhertied and lord knows what else. Not to mention we are three fun dudes who like brewski's, chucking cookies at the walls, deep fryers and as many guests over at all times as possible.

Now to what everyone knows was the most fun part of the sexional. The parties. Well, at first, we had just a good ol' house warming. That was, of course, fun, but the real parties didn't start until we decided to make a theme for our first big party. And so, I give to you, the Top 5 best sexional theme parties and events. This will span past my actual tenure as we all know two of the all time best were after I was officially out of there.

5. The Sexional Loves The 80's!- So this wasn't a unique to the sexional party like the rest of them, but for anyone who came out to this one, you were transported back. Between the "vinyl only" restriction, the tunes from the likes of Talking Heads, Lionel, Duran Duran and the infamous knife fight during "Beat It"" when we popped on the essential Thriller, the 80's party was clutch fantastic. This was one of the best dressed of all of them as mostly everyone (minus the occasional square or "to cool for theme parties" people.)

4. Hurricane Sexional: Bring Your Oven Mitt!- Minus drinking too much Cane after 8 hours of solid cleaning, this party was an amazing idea. Everyone was required to bring a Oven Mitt if they wanted one of our 60 (yes 60) Canes. You drink it out of the now coined Jittney Rags and it keeps your Cane cool! Leave it to Jack and George to think of that! Best Jittney Rag one a fish inside of a Cane bottle (went to Heather Hershock) and it was tons of fun. Whatever you do, don't play Cane Tac-Toe as you will die. Also, the fact that I sent Ryan and Danno out for the hunt of Cane and they came back with 5 cases makes for great partying.

3. Earn Your Blue Ribbon- This was the second highest populated party we have had and it was one of the most fun of any party thrown at the sexional. This was post Tsikitas, but it was a glorious idea garnered by George. We decided to get a keg of the greatest beer, PBR, and if people wanted special privleages (judging who gets ribbons/gin tank), they had to either win games or do ridiculous stuff. When you have a challenge like this along with booze, it gets fun. Everyone was required to wear blue and everyone basically got a ribbon by the end of the night. It was raucous. We had the "You Got Served" award which went to Dr. Carey after George said he was going to throw him off the balcony. There was the beer pong award for a team who stayed on three games in a row and then there were the "Build a Ribbon's" which meant you do something nuts and a judge would give you a ribbon. Danno made fake boobs, some girl had nice boobies, kevner made a mustache, it was insane to say the least.

2. Back From the Dead- This was the most recent. It was, wow. What can I say. Everyone got into it and it was fun. Here are my fav pictures from the night to show you how awesome it was.

1. Tank Tops and Temporary Tattoo's (The Original)- Not only do I mean the first one of these parties (two was fun but over crowded), but this was the first one we had that was ridiculous theme and fun times. It was the true test to see if we could mix the many different pools of friends that we all had, and we pulled it off. At first, people sat with who they came with, but after some drinks and a Sharpie here or there, everyone, I mean EVERYONE started walking around and drawing on people making tattoo's, often times tagging people with their signature tatt. It was so much fun and such great times.

The sexional has a place in my heart forever. Rock on bros.


Rob said...

I may or may not be tearing up right now...

Oh, I am.

More amazing parties to come, brother.

Meg said...

so, this has nothing to do with your entry, but even so. congrats on graduating and such. please keep updating because you are one of the only people who does on a regular basis with something interesting to say other than "today i had some fabulous blueberry pancakes!".

the parties sounded fantastic, by the way. i love the "vinyl only" rule.

Sara said...

So funny story... you have me linked as Emmylou Harris... and I had no idea who that was until work at The Kimmel one day. Turns out, she's playing there sometime next year. Weird.

Meg said...

in reference to your comment: exactly. i'm a gypsy...the acid queen.