Monday, May 29, 2006

Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam is the best live act since the Who. ANd fitting that they love the Who. Seriously though, the sheer energy and musicianship on that stage is pretty much the rock that at the Who's highest point would have been like. Live shows are great and these two back-to-back were the perfect compliment to each other. One stacked mostly with hits, the other with sweet gems. So here is my list. In bold are the standouts, bold italics and underlining means yestival in my face of amazingness.

Camden May 27th, 2006

Set 1:

Wasted Reprise, Life Wasted, World Wide Suicide, Do The Evolution, Animal, Severed Hand, Corduroy, Marker In The Sand, Given To Fly, Unemployable, Lukin, Not For You, Daughter(W.M.A.), I Am Mine, Jeremy, Present Tense, Why Go, Porch

Encore 1:

Better Man, Come Back, Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town, Last Kiss, Alive

Encore 2:

State Of Love And Trust, Blood, Even Flow, Comatose, Leash, Rockin' In The Free World, Yellow Ledbetter

Camden May 28th, 2006

Set 1:

Wash, Go, World Wide Suicide, Severed Hand, Corduroy, Save You, Given To Fly, Army Reserve, Grievance, Gone, Even Flow, You Are, Wishlist, Satan's Bed, Garden, Whipping, Life Wasted, Rearviewmirror

Encore 1

Wasted Reprise, Man Of The Hour, Parachutes, Black, Crazy Mary, Alive

Encore 2

Last Exit, Do The Evolution, Glorified G, Comatose, Leash, Baba O'Riley, Yellow Ledbetter

Since I mentioned that I felt Pearl Jam are liek The Who of this generation, I decided to go ahead and make one of my epic battle mixes. Here is the track listing of that jazz. The mix starts with Pearl Jam into the Who and so forth.

Soon Forget
The Seeker
Dreaming From the Waist
The Punk and the Godfather
Won't Get Fooled Again
Given to Fly
Naked Eye
You Are
Slip Kid
Tremor Christ
Put the Money Down
Red Mosquito
Who Are You
I Got Id
The Real Me
I've Had Enough
Off He Goes
Behind Blue Eyes
Inside Job
Love, Reign O'er Me
Present Tense
Love Boat Captain
Join Together
Light Years
I Don't Even Know Myself
However Much I Booze
I Can See For Miles
Sleight of Hand
The Song is Over
Baba O'Riley
Glorified G
Doctor Jimmy
Severed Hand
Not For You
My Generation
Let's See Action (Nothing Is Everything)
Yellow Ledbetter
Blue, Red and Grey

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