Sunday, July 20, 2008

Twenty Five Albums that Shaped Twenty Five Years

I have been thinking about this list and it's not a best of or a year by year breakdown of the 25 years of my life, but more of a roadmap to show the growth and love of music that has gotten me to where I am today. August 21st is my 25th birthday and to celebrate my love of music, I will be reviewing 25 albums that have gotten me to this point of being a music lover. There will not be an order or a rhyme or reason as much as just 25 reviews of records that have changed the way I listen to music. I stole this idea a bit from Jelone who beat me to the punch, but my way of doing it is a bit different. I may not fully love a lot of the music that was released during my tenure on this planet, so a lot of the albums that make this certain list will NOT be from 1983 - 2008.

The first album, which will be posted in a separate blog asap will be the definitive life changing record for myself, Tommy.


Joe said...

yeesssss. tskitas + music lists = in the veins.

Ealer said...

i love it already

leo said...

Yeah I love this idea. I was up listening to stuff the other night and I was thinking how, instead of a best albums list, it's better to have 25 albums that were influential. Like, if I could sing, what are the albums I'd want to cover and know by heart? All the ones important ... a more personal list. I can't wait to see all of yours.