Thursday, July 10, 2008

I Know I'm not Supposed to Get Girl Talk...

... but seriously? I mean, yeah it's interesting to listen to songs remixed and juxtaposed, but there is nothing really interesting to just taking small clips of songs and shoving them in a super collider and turning it on to full tilt until all your records come out smashed together and mixed up. This is the problem I have with Girl Talk.

Yes, I can see why people listen to this and sit around in awe. Feed the Animals takes all kinds of genres and really mixes it up. A music snob who listens to everything might appreciate the song recognition when "Procol Harum" is the backbeat or when Huey Lewis dip dip dips through the track as your hip-hop backbone. But, something about this as an album format just boggles my mind. When the disc starts, I really really like it. You get an amazing smattering of awesome beats that really work together and flow like a normal song would. The backbone to most of "Play Your Part (Pt. 1)" works as a song. Then the vibe of the song changes completely two minutes into the song when Twisted Sister and Temple of the Dog change it entirely in tone. This makes it really hard to get a certain grove going. It might work when you are drunk in a club, or tripping on some sort of drugs, but as an album it's like that annoying kid who just skips through every song on their iPod every five seconds until something good comes on and that never stops. Yet it's like 12 kids doing that at the same time. And of course anyone knows that certain songs can easily match up to each other, but it doesn't really work to hard. "In Step" is just one of these moments on the album that really just doesn't seem to work. It has a vibe but then just shifts vibes.

It truly is musical ADD as Mr. Dogg has mentioned. I bet a kid with ADD would like this more than anything. You could probably loop it and they wouldn't notice it. I've never listened to a lot of hip-hop through my life. I always have found it better listened to when I'm ready to party or dance or when I'm out at a club with friends. And maybe that is the place that Girl Talk would work. But it's an album, not a night club. I shouldn't be so critical, but it just doesn't work for an album. I want to like Girl Talk. But it's overkill and takes sampling to a weird shitty level.

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