Monday, March 03, 2008

Album of the Week Vol. 3 - Cheeseburger

Rock music seems to have some sort of need for either pretension or bloated corporate leadership behind it. The days where rock music was about having fun and thrashing about seemed to be long gone. Eccentric rocker Andrew W.K. seemed to be the last bastion of rock based on partying left...until now. Last year a little band hailing from NYC called Cheeseburger released their self titled debut to relative obscurity. Much like the sandwich they are named after, Cheeseburger is comfort food for your eardrums. After listening to their ultra stripped down guitar and drums rock fronted by a howling beast somewhere between George Thorogood and Iggy Pop, there is nothing more satisfying then a band just enjoying writing fun songs that are best listened to driving down to the shore or blasting at a beach party. And not the kind of beach party that Annette Funicello or Frankie Avalon at.

Kemado Records, which is by far my personal favorite label churning out the best forms of acid prog (Danava), Viking Rock (The Sword) and Insane-o Riff Metal (Saviours), houses these party boys who have a reputation of rocking an insane live show. Apparently be prepared to meet and talk to the lead singer. From their website it sounds like he likes to chill. Also, straight from Kemado and probably the best description of the bands sound: "Essentially, the record is an ode to New York City and the love and drinking that comes with it." How could this be bad? Songs like "Let The Good Times Roll" (no not a Cars cover) and "Tiger" are just fun riffy tunes that ooze with rock and rolls essence. Check out the video for "Tiger" below.

He kind of reminds me of Dick Valentine of Electric Six with his strange approach to front man status, so having more fun rockers around can't ever really hurt a situation. The album all melds together without really varying in sound, but that's what Cheeseburger is good at. Straight up, no frills attached rock and roll music at it's most simple state, yet with a style and flair all their own.


Stev said...

You had me at rainbow suspenders.

Drew said...

They made a hilarious board game for VICE in an issue that I have. Remind me to show it to you next time you come over.