Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My Compass Points West, Sorta, Not Really

Exciting news for music festival fan slackers like myself has been announced recently after the announcement of the Coachella Lineup which boasts a strange three way headlining acts Roger Waters, Portishead and Jack Johnson. The exciting news, however, is that the great state of New Jersey will host the All Points West three day music festival coming August 8 - 10th! What makes this so exciting is the fact that I, a music slacker, can't find value in spending oodles of money on concert tickest and then having to spend more money traveling to Tennessee (Bonaroo) or L.A. (Coachella) or any other ungodly far place to see three days of bands. Now that New Jersey has one at the great Liberty Park (with views of Lady Libs and Ellis Island), there is no way that three of my vacation days will be used to travel up and kick out the jams with some bands I need to see light up the stage. Now, no bands have been announced, but it's safe to assume bands such as Black Mountain, Stephen Malkmus, Autolux, Kraftwerk and the headliners of Coachella could even possibly play this luminous occasion with other visionary bands to be added to make it a lil different then Coachella Even the very slight possibility that My Bloody Valentine could pop up (not even a rumor, but they are getting back together) is exciting.

Check at the website for any possible news at www.apwfestival.com.


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