Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Wholphins Can('t) Suck It!

Thanks to a friend's brother, I was introduced to an amazing Film Magazine (of sorts) released by McSweeny's. Entitled Wolhpin, most of the films collected on these DVD magazines are rare or unseen shorts by some of today's best directors and older unseen footage. Basically just like McSweeny's started as a magazine for rejected works of literature, these are rejected or unseen works of filmmaking. With the likes of Spike Jonze, Bob Odenkirk, Steven Soderbergh and many more, these itneresting peices of filmmaking definitely show that Wholphin is something any art student/film nerd is going to want/need in their veins.

I was able to see most of volume one and parts of three and I have picked out a few to talk about here, but these are best watched and discussed by many. I highly recommened everyone who reads this to check it out.

1. Untitled Al Gore Doc~ Spike Jonze- On Wholphiun Vol. 1, a documentary that should have been released when it was made shows the amazing contrast side of Al Gore during his campaign in 1999. Spike Jonze invades a weekend visit with the Gore family and shows a soft, loose side of the man who came off as a stiff loser during the 2000 election. He makes great statements about his campaing that I don't remember hearing and he shows that he's more human than robot. Definitely an awesome 13 minute doc.

2. Tactical Advantage- Seriously, this is my vision of God. I hope he is like this and I hope heaven is like this.


3. The Big Empty ~ Lisa Chang and Newton Thomas Siegel (2005) - This is a fantastic short about a woman and her big, empty vagina. Yes, her empty Vagina, folks. It's Hartley meets Allen meets Vonnegut. A beautifuly love story and cinematic eye candy. Selma Blair has never been so good.

4. The Writer ~ Carson Mell (Animated) A hilarious look into the mind of a Writer and what makes him tick. I think this one is on his website. http://www.carsonmell.com/

Once I get the DVD's, I will host a viewing of these great shorts.

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