Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Romantic Rights (Part Two)

Most of these are going to be unlikely movies of romance, but it's in the quirky comedies and such that true romance shines.

2. The Jerk- "Tonight You Belong to Me"

First watch.

Now, the reason I find this to be one of those cinema moments where I get all warm inside is because of the naivete of Navin R. Johnson. Here we have one of the most naive and lovable characters to ever grace the screen. So out of the loop, he believes he is black until his parents finally tell him. He knows nothing of the world outside what he has known (which is a poor black family living in the south.) He is filled with the urge to learn new things but his scope is so small, that people living in the outside world see him as a fool. He meets the lovely Marie Kimble, as pure as snow and comes off just as innocent. They hit it off and after Navin dumps his biker girlfriend who taught him he has "a special purpose", they go on a date or two. The scene above is one of the sweetest moments mainly for the post song dialogue when Navin says that he wishes he could float through the coronet that she's playing, through the valves and through the tubes and give her a kiss on the lips. When she asks why he didn't, he says "I didn't want to get spit all over me." It's this innocence that makes Navin R. Johnson utterly the romantic.

God I love filmmaking.


Anonymous said...

I never saw the movie, but I am thoroughly in love with that scene... and that song... and Bernadette Peters.

Ealer said...

what an amazing costume.