Friday, December 02, 2005

Light the Vigoda!

Never since Festivus has there been a holiday celebration as glorious as the one that Conan O'Brien show last night. I am not a huge fan of the holidays. It brings out some terrible things in people and I usual loathe working the holidays and shopping for the holidays. But thank you Conan for returning a cheerful smile to my face in this holiday season.
The opening skit of Conan O'Brien last night was about "Lighting the Vigoda". That's right. They found Abe growing on someones front lawn in Jersey, cut him down, brought him to New York and strung lights and a star on him. Conan and Nancy O'Dell hosted the Vigoda lighting cermony, had a song sung by Grammy Possibility David Cassidy, two ice skaters on the worlds smallest rink and the Reluctant and Underrehearsed Chidlrens Choir half ass some tunes. It was the most hilarious thing I've seen on Conan for ages. Then Triumph rolled out on a sled and humped the shit out of his sleigh dog-deer. Amazing.

Thank you, Conan. Thank you.


Meg said...

i have to agree...that was probably the funnies thing i've seen on conan in ages. i especially enjoyed the underrehersed and underprepared children's choir because that's what most children's choirs sound like in the "real world"

Anonymous said...

I know a kid who was in the Underrehearsed Reluctant Childrens Choir. He goes to my school but he doesn't know I know. Does anyone know where I can watch it? I want to see him.