Tuesday, October 05, 2010


Ok folks... here it is. The next long-winded, I-need-a-reason-to-keep-this-blog-alive feature from the folks (me) at Poseidon.

Much like the AV Club's Popless where one writer sat down with his record collection and only listened to it A - Z without listening to new music mixed with Picasso Blue's Vinyl Vednesday, I will undertake my own record collection in the same vein. From A - Z. This feature will take a few days to get off the ground, because I'll need to reorganize my record collection, but I will listen to every record LP or EP I have from A to Z and give you my rundown accordingly. Interesting, right? No? Well, I'm doing it anyway! It will be fun when I get to the more embarrasing records (see Supertramp's catalog.) It will also be fun because there are a few hand-me-down records that I have yet to listen to. This feature will include everything from track-by-track album reviews, sound quality issues, album art critiques and a history of how it fits in to my general scheme of things as a music listener. There won't be a set day for posting. So just keep a look out. This could get ugly.
Oh yeah, and I'm calling it Grooves.

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