Tuesday, October 07, 2008

I'm Afraid of Americans

I rarely get political here on this old Blog, but it being an election year in the USA, and a damn important one, I can't but help chime my opinion on my e-soap box.

This election, which I was very much anticipating, has turned into a side-show. I would usually say I'm a moderate democrat, and at one point or another I may have voted for John McCain. Eight years ago, I might have voted for him. He has changed drastically in that time. Even Obama, who seemed much more confident and intense during the primaries, seems to have lost some of that magic and looks more and more like your run of the mill politician.

But let's get to the real point of contention. As Bowie said, "I'm afraid of Americans." The real important issue here is the stupidity of the American people who are being duped by the conservative Republicans. Somehow, people are finding Sarah Palin enrapturing. I don't know when talking like an idiot and running around the issues is something that qualifies you as a Vice Presidential candidate. This morning, I saw something that really scared me. On CNN, a news source that I no longer want to ever watch, had two Jed Clampit looking individuals and they were discussing Sarah Palin's cheeky and completely condescending notion that she represents "the Joe Six Pack American." These two overweight hillbillies, who looked as if they were chewing tabacco and still drunk from the night before were on a respected news source speaking of how Sarah Palin represents the common American. I realize this is a large country and that a lot of it is middle class and rural Americans, but sicne when has the image of America been that of an overweight hillbilly with food crumbs in his beard drinking a six-pack of Coors? Since when do we want someone one heartbeat away from the presidency who talks like she's with her buddies at the Country and Western Grill downtown? Since when has being knowledgable of the process in which our Federal Government works been a negative aspect of being a Presidential nominee? Since when has being vabue about your opponents stances on tax relief and all the other important issues come off as legitimate debate fodder? It's infuriating.

I know I live in the North East and I don't know what the mindset of the rest of the country is, but to me it shouldn't matter if you are living in a metropolitan area smashed in between three major cities or living on a Pig Farm in Iowa. America needs direction from someone who at LEAST seems knowledgable about all the major issues facing our country right now. Do we really want the image of someone who can't speak well as our world leader? I don't. If you don't, sweet Jesus Don't vote for McCain!

Cafferty hitting the nail on the head:

Anyway, this election in general has really got me wondering if I should stay in this country. With the economy tanking, jobs falling apart and leaving the country, health care evaporating and massive amounts of debt but no one willing to make sacrifices, I think a new way of life is beckoning my call. Maybe move to Greece and live on an island simply. Farm or something. I'm just really afraid of the direction the majority of people in this country are going. It's the fall of the American Empire and its only just beginning.

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leo said...

This reminds me of my Religion in America class with Devlin sophomore year.. SO GOOD! We talked a lot about the red vs. blue state imagery and how religion shapes politics. We talked a lot about this specific book, written by one of the first journalists to use that phrase. He focused his studies on a group of people near my home: rich educated folks living in the Beltway in Maryland, and then small town folk in various parts of Lancaster, York, and Shippensburg. When asked why they were voting for Bush, a lot of the people simply said he was someone they felt they could share a beer with. Gore, they said, would just lecture them. So yes, a large group of people are treating an important election like picking a pal to go drinking with. And people wonder why I hate Lacnaster so much.

N wants to own a hotel on an island on Greece after seeing Mamma Mia... can we help you run it?