Friday, June 15, 2007

Did I Tell You

That I am going to Italia?!

If not, sorry. But I will be back on the 24th of Junio. So prepare!

Until then....

Urban Dictionary.


1. v. to quickly eat.
2. v. to vomit or belch in a manner like that of vomiting.
3. n. vomit
4. v. to steal or pilfer, usually pertaining to items of little value.
5. v. screw up, make dysfunctional
6. v. to sell (a bastardization of *hawk*)
6. v. do (can mean essentially anything)
"I horked it down, then I horked it back up. Then he horked my hork, and horked it to this guy who was totally horked up. then I horked my sister."


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Dude and I heard some character on adult swim say Hork the other day. I forget who.