Thursday, October 20, 2005

Hal and Jim

Applying to internships is pretty nervewracking. Especially since I only have one semester left until this thing called school is over for me and I finally move on to the real world. It's not scary as much as it is fun and exciting and just filling me with anxiety. I'm applying to the Philadelphia Film Society and hopefully they want me to rock some work with them through the upcoming film festival. It's pretty much the first stepping stone in me getting into the film buisness, be it through contacts, through seeing the innerworkings of the independent film world or even through the Philly Film Society. Maybe I won't have to move away from the city I love so dearly and can work in Philly through the society promoting films in Philadelphia. That would be cool too. Lord knows if I want to aspire to be a writer/director, I have to start somewhere. If I want to be the next Hal Hartley or Jim Jaramusch, I'm going to have to see what its all about. Hartley is basically the one driving force in me wanting to be a writer or director. I don't know what it is, but Thank Byron Karabotsos for introducing my life to his work. His films, especially Henry Fool and Trust, speak to me on a level that I dont think anyone could ever understand, even if I told you through this humble, self-indulgent blog. Seeing invented characters taking on situations that are hilarious, poingant and deeply rooted in existential and symbolic acts brings a huge source of not only enjoyment, but fulfilment to life. There really isn't anything else I can safely say that has had this big an impact on my life. Jaramusch is yet another director who speaks to me on that higher level. Broken Flowers, Down By Law and especially Dead Man are deep looks into the eyes of people you've never seen but people you can relate to in some strange way. Film has this magical way of doing this. And these two guys do it the best. If I had my way in the world of Independent film, these guys would be the kings. And they are. So thank you Hal and Jim for making me follow my dream of getting behind the lens and getting behind the typewriter to convey some sort of slice of life and share it with others. It's truly an a

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